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About Us

About Elohim Home Care

Elderly woman with her caregiverAfter working in long-term care and for a travel agency in numerous nursing homes in the Des Moines Metro Area, I came to understand the value of home care. I saw firsthand the vast difference between nursing homes and home care.

It became evident to me that most, if not all, elderly people would prefer to stay in their own homes while receiving the care needed. They want to live where they have made a lifetime of memories, where they know their neighbors and can sleep in their own bed.

“Aging in place” with the help of Elohim Home Care

“Aging in place” is a current term for living at home while one age. Although aging at home is wonderful for many reasons, it also has some potential problems that must be addressed. For the elderly, injured or disabled, tasks such as cooking, cleaning, bathroom needs, shopping, doing laundry, and driving could be problematic.

There is also the concern of basic safety and the need to avoiding potential falls, which for frail elders could initiate a downward spiral. Most families would like to help their loved ones but with the distance between them and their busy lives, it is often difficult to provide the support and care that parents need to remain in their homes as they age. Elohim Home Care was founded and is dedicated to helping anyone who is in need in the comfort of their home.

We are here to provide the additional support and care that our clients need and peace of mind for their families. We are committed to helping seniors find joy in their life, and in their homes as they age. We continually strive to exceed our client’s expectations and to provide the consistent, quality care they deserve. Please let us know if we can help you or your loved one with any of our services.

Our Vision

Elohim Home Care is one of the premier home care providers in the Des Moines Area. Our vision is to help those who need assistance in their home with the utmost compassion and professionalism and to preserve their dignity regardless of age, gender, and social status.

Our Mission and Pledge

Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations by providing the best professional home care services in Iowa. We are committed to providing the highest value, encouraging independence, and honoring the individuality of our clients. We are an active part of the community in providing a comprehensive range of in-home services in a timely, caring, and efficient manner by compassionate professionals. We establish, maintain, and enhance the quality of client services.

What We Can Offer

Peace of Mind
happy elderly couplesWe are able to offer peace of mind to family members of our clients. Often, families do not live in the same cities, nor are they often able to be with their loved ones as much as they would like. Our caregivers are available to cover the times when services are needed.

Think of us as well-trained personal assistants. Our caregivers are ready to assist our clients as needed but understand that our clients often want to do all they are able to themselves.

Every client is different. Our staff and nurses approach each client separately knowing that their particular needs will be unique. When personal care is needed, our nurses develop a care plan tailored to the client.

We respect our clients by carefully listening to their needs. Our caregivers encourage clients to do what they are able to do and then step in to assist when needed. We honor the independence and individual nature of each of our clients.

Quality Care
We strive to provide our clients with the kind of care we would choose for our own family. Our caregivers are thoroughly screened and continuously trained to be the very best. We provide regular learning opportunities, in-service training and one-on-one instruction with our caregivers. Our office staff is compassionate listeners who discover solutions to fit client’s needs.