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Cooking, Preparing Meals

Elderly woman having breakfastMeal planning and preparation for seniors can be a difficult task especially when you do not have enough knowledge of the foods that should be prepared for your loved one. As people age, they undergo a lot of changes including appetite and taste. Most seniors lose their appetite for food and their taste changes.

When planning and preparing meals is a concern for your family, our team can help. Elohim Home Care offers the help of caregivers who will assist in meal preparation and other related tasks which ensure your senior is eating regularly.

Services Include:

  • Diabetic Meal Planning
  • Renal Care Diets
  • Low Sodium Meal Planning
  • Heart Healthy Meal Planning
  • and others..

The dietary meals and restrictions mentioned above are all well thought of by our expert nutritionists. This way, they will surely be able to enjoy their foods while they eat. For more information, contact us at 701-891-8809 .