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Dressing and Hygiene Care

Elderly woman being groomedOur personal hygiene should be taken care of every day for it affects our daily routines and moods. If we do not feel comfortable to move around because we haven’t showered or uneasy for not bathing, we may not be able to do our daily responsibilities and our mood for the day will be affected. This is the same for those people who need assistance in dressing and taking care of their personal hygiene.

Their day may not go as pleasant and as relaxed as they hoped it to be because they do not feel comfortable with themselves. This is why personal home care should be hired. Elohim Home Care can provide you with expert medical staff who can very well take care of your loved ones who need assistance at home. Our staff will be able to help in dressing and other personal hygiene tasks.

The following services that our professional staff can provide are listed below:

  • Dressing
  • Skin Care
  • Shaving
  • Mouth Care
  • Hair Care

Rest assured that your loved ones will be in their best shape the entire day. They will feel comfortable and relaxed after having a bath.

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