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General Companion Care Live-In Services

Elderly woman with her caregiverCompanionship is very important to everyone especially to the elderly. Our seniors should be provided with the right companion in the house that they are living in. Though the family is always better as companions, sometimes professional home care staff can provide companionship too. Our staff are well-trained to provide immediate response to emergencies and other situations that need the right expertise.

If you want your seniors to have a companion whom you can rely on and entrust your loved ones to, work with Elohim Home Care. We have companion care live-in services which are design to make your life at home more manageable.

Our expert caregiving staff will live with your loved one and attend to their needs 24/7. They make sure that your seniors are all well taken care of and the environment that they live in is safe for them as well.

Here are the following services that come with our live-in care services:

  • Help with laundry
  • Daily check-ins
  • Running errands together
  • Pet care and assistance
  • Personal care check-ups
  • Meal preparation and clean-up
  • Friendly visits

These services will all be for the benefit of your loved one. Our staff will ensure that your senior is living comfortably in your home and that he or she gets the best care possible. Also, our staff can be a great friend to your senior so that they do not feel alone and that they have someone to talk to while you’re away.