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Homecare Services

Elderly man having his blood pressure checkedHome care is the service by which patients can receive quality medical treatment from skilled nurses, therapists and home health aides under the supervision of their physician. Each patient has an individualized plan of treatment to meet his or her specific medical needs.

At Elohim Home Care services are provided by licensed, trained, and experienced health care providers in the home. Our goal is to keep our clients independent while remaining safe and secure in a comfortable and familiar home environment. This type of treatment is more conducive for the patient’s recovery.

Services Offered

Nursing assistance with activities of daily living as follows:

  • Dressing and hygiene care
  • Range of motion exercise (ROM) as client tolerates
  • Cooking, preparing meals
  • Light housekeeping: keeping home safe and clean
  • Maintaining mobility and ambulation as client tolerates
  • Hospital companion care services
  • Assisted living companion care services provided to assist client with activities regarding church services or any outings
  • General companion care live-in services
  • Part-time live-in services
  • Hourly services
  • Part-time hourly services
  • 12-Hour overnight awake services
  • 12-Hour overnight sleep services (prorated)
  • 24-Hour live-in
  • Respite care
  • Medications management
  • Shopping services per client’s request