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Patients require care according to what their conditions need. To deliver care to all those who need it, a health or medical facility needs a care team. Furthermore, the right set of people should be employed for the job. You can’t just hire anyone to care for your patients. You need to make sure you have competent people in your organization.

Elohim Staffing Agency, Inc. is adept at finding professionals to become members of your facility’s or organization’s care staff. With our staffing expertise, extensive connections in the healthcare industry, and dedication to service, we make sure we deliver the highest standard of services to you.

We will utilize all our knowledge, resources, and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that we are able to provide you with the most qualified medical staff in this industry. With our help, we guarantee that your staffing requirements will be completed and that highly qualified healthcare professionals will be joining your staff.

Staffing to Nursing Homes
We can supply your nursing homes with nurses and caregivers to look after your residents with full commitment. We are proud to say that our nurses and caregivers are all trained, educated, and they are experts when it comes to the care and protocols required when working in a nursing home. Whether you are looking for Case Managers, Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Personal Care Attendants, Qualified Dietitians, Certified Nursing Assistants, and other staff members to complete your team and deliver quality services, Elohim Staffing Agency, Inc. is here to help.

Staffing to Hospitals and Clinics
Elohim Medical staffing Firm has been a nationwide supplier of clinical staffing and recruiting services since 2015. We pride ourselves on being a reliable business partner by providing the highest quality resources and services to our clients. We serve our skilled healthcare professionals by finding the right jobs and assignments for them on a per diem, contract, travel or permanent basis. Our customers, leading hospitals, long-term care, rehabilitation, and other healthcare organizations, rely on us to help them with their human resource needs. To serve our customers, we operate 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

We are hiring nationally for a wide array of advanced practice positions. Whether you’re looking for per diem, temporary/contract, or travel positions, we can help you work with leading healthcare facilities. 

Our commitment to our employees and clients is the cornerstone of the rapidly growing relationships we embrace nationwide. Elohim employees enjoy flexible schedules, excellent wages, and challenging career opportunities


Elohim Medical Staffing Firm is proud to offer you registered nurses positions:
  • RN (Registered Nurses)
  • NP (Nurse Practitioner)
  • NCM (Nurse Case Manager)
  • LVN
  • LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)
  • CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist)
  • Travel Nurse
  • Home Care RN
  • OR RN
  • Staff RN
  • ER RN
  • Medical/Surgical Registered Nurse
  • Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse
  • Nurse supervisor
  • Oncology Registered Nurse
  • Critical care Registered Nurse
  • Dialysis Registered nurse


We work with the following disciplines within the surgical area: 
  • Scrub and circulating nurses
  • Certified surgical techs
  • Facility directors, managers, and charges
  • Specialty-specific positions (ortho, neuro, pre-op, and PACU nurses)
  • Sterile processing techs


Enhance your medical imaging career with the many opportunities at Elohim!

With us, you can work at imaging at some of the top medical institutions across the country. Our team makes every effort to accommodate career preferences, skills, experience, and schedule with the best-short and long-term assignments.

Medical imaging jobs through Elohim include the following types:

  • CT Technologist
  • Mammographer
  • Radiographer
  • MRI Technologist
  • Cardiac Cath Technologist
  • Nuclear Med Technologist
  • Ultrasound Technician
  • Echo Technologist
  • Vascular Technologist


PT-Physical Therapist with board specializations in
  • CCS (Cardiovascular and Pulmonary-Certified Specialist)
  • ECS (Clinical Electrophysiologic-Certified Specialist)
  • GCS (Geriatric-Certified Specialist)
  • NCS (Neurologic-Certified Specialist)
  • OCS (Orthopedic-Certified Specialist)
  • PCS (Pediatric-Certified Specialist)

Advanced Practice

Physician Assistants
Elohim Medical Staffing Firm is dedicated to providing excellent service to our physician’s assistant clients. Whether you choose contract short-term, temp-to-hire, or direct hire positions, you’ll work with patients in some of the most prestigious medical facilities nationwide. At Elohim, we leverage our clinical experience to find the right practice for you. We want to create long-lasting and rewarding partnerships.
Nurse Practitioners
As a Nurse Practitioner (NP) at Elohim you can build your base of knowledge, experience, and skills. Our recruiters take time to listen to your needs to find the perfect nurse practitioner placement to suit your lifestyle.
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Whether you are looking for a permanent position or locum tenens assignment, Elohim offers rewarding opportunities at hospitals and surgery centers nationwide. 

You work one-on-one with a professional recruiter. We help you work when you want, where you want while developing your professional skills at well-known institutions.


Locum Tenens
If you’re nearing retirement or want to “test drive” a practice setting or location, locum tenens opportunities allow you to create your ideal work/life balance. You can choose your location and receive an assignment spanning from a few weeks to several months, depending on what is best for you.
Permanent Placement
We work closely with physicians to match skill and talent with a healthcare facility that best meets your professional needs for long-term placement as well. You’ll be assigned an expert in your specialty to act as a personal consultant to help find your ideal match.
Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services, such as health assessments or consultations, over the telecommunications
infrastructure. It allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients using common technology, such as video conferencing and through smartphones, without the need for an in-person visit.

Personal Care Services
Are you having trouble with daily living and personal care activities due to old age, disability, or poor health? If you or a family member requires personal care assistance, Elohim Staffing Agency, Inc. is here to help you find the caregiver that you need. We understand that it’s not easy to entrust your care or the care of your loved one to another person, however, we give you our assurance that the personal caregiver we assign to you is well-trained, diligent, and compassionate. They will work hard to meet, and even exceed, your expectations, and it will be their sole purpose to improve your quality of life by delivering the highest quality of services that they can provide.

We Have Verified Personnel

All of the medical staff and personnel that we provide to our clients are all professionals in their respective fields. They have also undergone a rigorous hiring and verification process which involves background checks, license verifications, and credential confirmations. We value our reputation and most of all, we want you to have the peace of mind knowing that you are working with skilled and qualified medical professionals.