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All you have to do is tell us what kind of healthcare professionals you are looking for. Kindly schedule an appointment with our staff or contact us at 701-891-8809 or 515-964-0366 to proceed.

Rapid advancements in the healthcare industry enable the availability of different healthcare options. These advancements will have to be implemented and delivered to patients by professionals who are trained and knowledgeable in the field.

At Elohim Staffing Agency, Inc., we see the importance of the medical staff members and the big roles they are playing for various organizations. We also notice the rise in the demand for medical professionals in different facilities. It is our commitment to offer staffing solutions to both these facilities and professionals within Iowa. We supply the former with the right personnel who genuinely care. At the same time, we give the latter with career opportunities.

Breaking Language Barriers

When it comes to providing care, good and accurate communication is vital. After all, one wrong interpretation or translation can lead to serious and even life-threatening consequences. For this reason, Elohim Staffing Agency, Inc. is also happy to offer our Translation Services. Whether you need interpretation by phone, one-on-one interpretation, or if you need to have some documents translated, we have qualified professionals who can meet your needs. We aim to break language barriers and improve the quality of care that you provide to your patients and clients.


The vision of Elohim Staffing Agency, Inc. is to assist different medical facilities in rendering quality care services to their patients in an effective and efficient manner.


Our mission at Elohim Staffing Agency, Inc. is to help patients achieve high-quality care from different medical organizations through the presence and assistance of skilled medical professionals. We will find and recruit potential bringers of change to each patient’s life.